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Affordability at the centre

We understand that this is one of the key elements of ensuring our products and services make a difference and contribute to the growth and development of Zimbabwe’s communities.

Radar Holdings Group Overview

Having weathered through years of a far from the ideal operating environment, Radar Holdings Limited (RHL/Radar) is undoubtedly a top contender to be the poster company of the Zimbabwe survival story. The company delisted from the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) as a strategic move to create and maintain maximum value for stakeholders. RHL currently owns or has significant shareholding in two companies, Radar Properties, a property development firm, and Radar Investments trading as Macdonald Bricks, a brick manufacturing company that holds 60% market share of the brick supply market in Matabeleland.

Well established track record in all sectors of operation.

Radar Holdings Limited

  • Uniquely placed

    Opportunity for investors to convert invested capital into safe real estate assets.

  • Key Markets

    RHL operates in growing market segments despite economic instability.

Radar Holdings Limited brands

RHL Operations

  • Land Development

    Through its subsidiaries, Radar Holdings owns over 2000 hectares of land currently being developed as Kings City.

  • Bricks & Pavers

    Trading as Macdonald Bricks, we manufacture and supply bricks and pavers upwards of a 100 million each year.

  • Additional Services

    Value add services complementary to manufacture and land development projects including brick delivery.

  • Residential Stands

    Low to medium density stands for sale in Bulawayo through Radar Properties developed to become Kings City.

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Operational Structure

With a solid integrated line of product and service offerings that provide customers with convenience and allow for synergies among the subsidiaries, Radar is well-positioned to continue generating positive returns for investors and address societal problems in Zimbabwe, such as issues around rapid urbanization.

Radar’s property assets present a unique opportunity for investors to convert invested capital into safe assets with ongoing long-term growth. Since the company founding in 1949, Radar Holdings Limited has consistently and successfully held itself to the highest standards of excellence. From its establishment, RHL ascended within the property and manufacturing industries, focusing on construction-aligned manufacturing through the acquisition of several top-tier firms creating an unrivaled integrated service provision chain.

Head Office

6th Floor Tanganyika House,
23 Third Street,
PO Box CY132 Causeway, Harare
+26324250592 | 2792565 | 242792710
Email: info@rhl.co.zw


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Radar Properties site office

6 Heronmere Road

Sunninghill, Bulawayo

Tel:  +263 772425222

Email: sales@kingscity.co.zw


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Kings City
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