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Kings City has a host of commercial properties available for investment as many look to create offices, private schools and other varieties of property for sale.

The Commercial Centre

At the end of Bulawayo Drive along the frontage of Kingsbury is land set aside for a commercial centre. This sizeable centre is perfectly placed at the confluence of two key major roads, Bulawayo Drive that connects directly to Harare Road and Gwanda Road, which is also known as Joburg Road.


There is an opportunity for developers and financial instituitions to partner with Radar Properties in creating the next stage of our development towards viable commercial centres. As shown on the siteplan, the space is set to accomodate an Office Park, Business Units and Ultra City Shopping Mall. There is also space for two blocks of commercial flats, a social club, townhouses, an amusememt park, a medical centre, church and private schools. This commercial centre should serve a key traffic point in Kings City. It also has the benefit of being the only commercial centre on the South eastern side of Bulawayo City centre with the closest shopping centre being Ascot Shops.


The commercial hub also extends the pull factors driving interest in the growing estate. The total land area for this section is 11.34 hectares and the area is set right along Gwanda Road frontage. This creates a traffic and logistical advantage for the potential project as this is the main artery to Johannesburg from Bulawayo. The idea is to turn Kings City into a point of natural interest adding to the width and breathe of Bulawayo and provide a point of interest that competes with the city for growth, innovation and sustainability.

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