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Premium low-density stands in Bulawayo built to the royal standard and heritage of the city! 475 fully serviced stands with the majority now sold. 2000m² to 6000m² stands available.

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Progress Update January 2023

Build your dream home on premium land. 2000m² to 6000m² stands available now!

Build your own castle on prime land and live like royalty! Quality roads and stormwater drainage in place and continued development all round. Great prices on stands with payment options available. Right next to Sunninghill. Only 8km from the CBD. Walking distance from NUST University. 

Prime location for your building convenience

Located 5km from Ascot Shops along Gwanda Road. Get high property value right on purchase in this prime location. Close to local amenities and connects directly to the existing road network. Walking distance to NUST University, School of Mines as well as Petra College. About 4km from CBC.

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Design Built

With pre-approved house plans, we have created a high building standard to raise the value of your property. You can also built custom designed homes inline with our standardized architectural guidelines.

Eco Friendly

We encourage and promote environmentally friendly building methods. Our architectural guidelines are made to help build a green, clean and sustainable environment.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available, contact our agents to set up your payment plan today. Title deeds available upon transfer. We have a clear, easy to follow transfer process that ensures the legality of your ownership.


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Upcoming Phases

The project will continue to offer premium property through the phases. Coming after phase 1 are:

School Stands

Light Industry Stands

Commercial Property

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6th Floor Tanganyika House,
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PO Box CY132 Causeway, Harare
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Radar Properties site office

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Email: sales@kingscity.co.zw


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